Hi, I’m Anna Mills, President of Toledo REIA and I’d like to welcome you to the Toledo Real Estate Investors Association.  We’re excited that you are ready to take the next step in your investing career!


Toledo REIA is dedicated to investing in the improvement of our community… one house at a time.


Toledo REIA is a Non-Profit Educational Association.  Our members work to revitalize neighborhoods by redeveloping existing homes, create opportunities for homeownership, provide quality housing, provide professional property management, and create many business opportunities!


To create a forum for real estate investors from beginner to the advanced, which will provide effective and responsive services to their members.  Toledo REIA will provide educational and motivational services and support with a commitment to member satisfaction.  Toledo REIA is dedicated to maintaining high standards of conduct of housing providers, property owners, and real estate investors, as well as the sharing of information and strategies to help ensure the success of Toledo REIA Members.


  • Provide a forum for the sharing of ideas with a common goal of increasing real estate knowledge and improving ethical investment techniques.
  • Provide practical hands-on knowledge, and make it available to the real estate investors.
  • Make available the resources and networking with experienced investors to reduce errors and shorten the time required to become a successful investor.
  • Provide guidance, direction, and problem-solving to all investors from novice to experienced.
  • Reach out to all investors and associated fields to make them aware of our educational capabilities.
  • Develop better public understanding and appreciation of real estate investment problems.
  • Improve through study & discussion the status of persons engaging in real estate investments.
  • Encourage and uphold sound, honest practices and maintain real estate investment activities on a high professional and ethical plane.